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A guide to Better Quality.

1. Close all programs and applications that don't need to be open to record

We need to keep in mind that while we do have an interface handling the heavy lifting, recording is still a heavy process on your computer.  Make sure to close all unnecessary software, applications and plugins before beginning.  If you hear pops and clicks, it’s often a result of lack of processing power.  


If we only have the necessities for recording open and we still get clicks and pops we can adjust the buffer size.  

2.  Play with Buffer size

At it’s VERY basic you need to know this… If the buffer size is too big, you will experience a delay between the recording and how quickly it returns to your headphones.  If the buffer size is too small, it may cause unwanted pops and clicks that aren’t always fixable.


The goal is to find a happy place that doesn’t bother you and causes no clicks.  SOME artists don’t like to monitor/listen to their voice while they record.  If this is you, a larger buffer size might work better for you.


If you want to understand more about Buffering check out the link below that covers it much more in depth.,process%20any%20incoming%20audio%20signal.

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